Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More to Come

It has been a fascinating opportunity to join with other ITW authors on their new roundtable discussions these past few weeks. Anyone can add their two cents, which makes the process all the more interesting. The questions are great, the responses from authors, readers, and everyone in between have been phenomenal. The thriller community is a big one, but forums like this make it possible to communicate with the openness and immediacy of a small one. If you haven't visited their site, hop on over and join the conversation. I'm especially looking forward to next week's roundtable, as it will feature the author of the Advocate series - and a good friend of mine - Teresa Burrell.

Meanwhile, this Thanksgiving will be a welcome rest from the back-to-back signing events I've got lined up from the beginning of December till Christmas. I can hardly keep track of it myself! Check booktour for details on where I'll be and when. And have a happy Thanksgiving!