Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And We're Up... Again.

Anyone who's been following this blog till now will get a little start when they see this new post. It's been a while since I've used this thing as a forum for my writing life, but so it is. From now on, this will be the place to hear directly from me what I've been writing, where I've been signing, who I've been speaking with, and what projects are in store for the future. It's a whole new world for writers and readers, and I'm not about to deny the importance of representing yourself in the blogosphere. Especially when your craft is the written word.

I'm excited to share all the work that's in progress for the coming months. Anyone who's followed my website or facebook pages, the personal one or the fan page, knows that I've got a new Jimmy O'Brien novel coming out October 12. It's the start of a new series developed around film noir classics. All you cinema buffs beware!

In the meantime, I'm releasing an exclusive ebook edition of an earlier novel, completely rewritten, with a brand new title and streamlined narrative. It will be interesting to see how ebooks fare in this newly developing phenomenon of digital libraries and digital bookstores. If you haven't taken the plunge yourself, try it out on this new release. Expectation of Murder is available for the Kindle through Amazon. You'll also find it on iBooks for iPads, iPods, and other Apple devices. It is only a matter of time before it'll be available on the Barnes & Noble NOOK and Borders' Kobo. It's a perfect way to get yourself in the mood for the October release of my newest title, Detour to Murder.

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