Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looking for Links?

Detour is all over the internet. Granted, so are a lot of other things, but this film has earned a special place among Hollywood buffs and film aficionados across the world wide web. Check out some of the links below:

Row Three writes about anything Hollywood...except the blockbusters.

Noir of the Week recounts...well, a noir a week. Written by a veritable expert in the genre, it's a wonderful resource for all things related to the dark and moody Hollywood movement.

If you thought imdb.com was the one stop for the minutia of movie info, check out Digitally Obsessed. From summary to history to trivia, this one will surprise you.

Roger Ebert always has something clever to say. Here's his take on Detour.

Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel of Time Magazine include Detour in their list of 100 most influential movies.

Apart from an awesome font choices and possibly one of the most awkward stills of Ann Savage, this blog post offers a little more than the usual summary. Looking for a more in depth take on the film? The best article on Detour I've found yet is by Gary Morris of Images. An intelligent, thorough look at the film, its history, and the director behind it all. And if you want a little more about Edgar Ulmer: Check out 'Magic on a Shoestring' by Geoffrey Macnab.

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